J: It was fucking amazing, I mean- ah, shite! The cursing, I'm sorry, can I say that on here? Did I ruin it?
Interviewer: No, no, you're fine. This is a censor free zone!
J: Oh, thank fuck. This is my kind of show.

J (on the Harry Potter cast): No, I don't miss them at all. Never. I mean, I show up their houses and watch them from their windows- no invitations to come inside! Terrible.

- actual excerpts from this podcast interview with jules i'm listening to i can't even
Juliette Madeley & Meryl Streep - Into the Woods (2014)
delicate destruction | ticker don't tock

I have this annoying need to be liked, yeah, it's pretty troublesome. That's been one of the scariest things about all this attention, knowing I can't really have control over anyone's perception of me. At least when I know someone firsthand, I feel like I can prove myself. But when millions of people are judging you based on your work, how you look, what you wear, it can be fucking daunting. For me I suppose it's a fair enough trade to do what I love.
leviosahh asked:
stephanie when you told me to listen to juliette's music how come you didn't warn me how fucking wEIRD it is

this is it.

this is going to be my legacy. YOU'RE WELCOME

"I had a fan tell me once that I was 'so cool' and I basically flipped out. Me, cool? I've never been cool. This is a first! But it's also a lot of pressure. I mean, how do I maintain my new cool status? What if I do something uncool? I'm going to do something uncool." - Juliette Madeley is all of us