full name katenka "katty" june wolsky date of birth ??, 1987 (28) hometown bath, england residence london, los angeles status kinsey 5, unattached personality tbd
Katenka June Wolsky (born ) is an English actress who first gained noteriety for her role as Sybil Crawley on period drama "Downton Abbey". Since 2012, she has starred in HBO's "Game of Thrones" as Margaery Tyrell. She has garnered attention for her recent roles in award winning Birdman and science fiction thriller Ex Machina. She will star in Rogue One, the first standalone Star Wars film due for release in 2016.

Early Life Wolsky was born in Bath, England to structural engineer ?? Wolsky and ?? Veronica Wolsky. Her father is of Russian Jewish descent. She is one of three children, with an older sister who teaches English Literature and fraternal twin brother ??, an established musician.

Attending Kingswood School, she took 11 GCSEs and 4 A-level exams. She was admitted to the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama where she studied acting.

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Personal Life Wolsky is incredibly private about her life outside of acting and prefers to keep attention on her roles than herself. She has in several instances garnered attention for deflecting personal questions from the press.

In 2014, Wolsky's private Facebook account was hacked and many posts leaked. Some of the contents led to questioning of Wolsky's sexuality, on which she refused to comment. She has since deleted the account, but maintains an official presence on Twitter and Instagram.

She has lived in London since 2009, and reportedly bought an apartment in Los Angeles summer of 2013.
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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ··· Felicity Jones' Role Pride and Prejudice and Zombies ··· Jane Bennet
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Crimson Peak ··· Edith Cushing Ex Machina ··· Ava
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Birdman ··· Laura
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Oblivion ··· Victoria
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Anna Karenina ··· Kitty
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Albert Nobbs ··· Helen W.E. ··· Elizabeth
misc facts » hates photoshoots. almost never takes selfies. prefers the camera on her characters versus herself.

» gold star lesbian. has not come out publicly yet because she keeps that part of her life private, but is far from closeted with family and friends.