Five Minutes with Juliette Madeley
10 DECEMBER 2014 by Miss Vogue Today

You may know her as one of the stars featured in December Vogue, but we caught up with actress turned director Juliette Madeley before her shoot to get the real dl. "It's been a dream, honestly," she told us when asked about this past year and how far she's come. "I can't wait for everyone to see the product of all this work I've been fortunate to have." Her hands move as she speaks, a habit she tries valiantly to control for the sake of the surrounding makeup artists. We then decided to indulge in a round of rapidfire with the self declared small town girl, with some entertaining results.

Do you sleep on your left or right side? Right.

Coke or Pepsi? Diet Coke all the way.

Favourite book? Alice in Wonderland.

Favourite film? This answer changes regularly, right now I'm on a His Girl Friday kick.

First date? He took me to a game of footie and I spent the entire time pretending I’m more versed in the sport than I am.

Guilty peasure? Why feel guilty about pleasure?

Last thing you bought? It’s a Christmas present, so my lips are sealed.

Short skirt or hot pants? Hot pants.

Ever smoked? Depends on what’s being smoked...

Favourite junk food? Chocolate covered pretzels.

Favourite musical? I'm biased, but Phantom of the Opera.

Disney princess of choice? When I was younger, Ariel absolutely. Now I love Tiana, but Rapunzel deserves a mention for obvious reasons!

Dream role? Velma Kelly or Cersei Lannister. I wanna misbehave a bit.

Highlight of 2014? Getting a personal phone call from Stephen Sondheim is up there.

Texts or phone calls? Texts.

Takeaway of choice? Does pizza count if it's delivery?

Have to ask: Hogwarts house? I’m probably a Ravenclaw, sorry Lav!

And finally, Meryl Streep or Dame Maggie Smith? There is no life in which I will ever answer this question, sorry. Thank you for the #humblebrag opportunity though, I am beyond fortunate to know and love both of these women.

You can see Juliette in Disney's Into the Woods which premieres 9 January.