marionne van court

cause i can't go on if your love isn't strong.
full name marionne "mars" eleanor van court date of birth 2 Dec 1989 (23) place of birth Belfast, Ireland. current residence Ballycastle + London. blood status Halfblood. occupation member & founder of ???? theatre.
waitress @ hooters
former house Hufflepuff. status + sexuality Single + Kinsey 1. wand boggart A permanent injury keeping her stationary. patronus Dolphin.


Hufflepuff Sagittarians are good-natured, cheerful, and clever, and their natural skill at teaching other people what they have learned ensures that they will be professors or magical tutors upon leaving Hogwarts. Their outdoorsy ways also give them a gift with all growing things and wildlife. These wizards have more difficulty than most wizards of their house applying themselves to their studies; Sagittarius is a sign of intellect, but not discipline, and it is painful for Hufflepuffs born under this sign to do homework when they'd rather be out on the Quidditch field or taking nature hikes. They will knuckle down, but not without protest. Although they are socially graceless, their good natures make up for any accidental offenses they may commit. (x)

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