Hugh and Lily first met at a local pub where he was the bartender and she was celebrating after a particularly exciting dance recital. The two argued better than they did flirt, but it eventually turned into an intensely felt romance. Some would say Hugh ended up with Lily wrapped around her finger, and they were not entirely wrong, so it was no surprise when the two announced their engagement. Mere months into the marriage, the couple was expecting their first child. It would be a boy they'd name Clifford, and he would prove quite a handful. Once they'd finally gotten a handle on their young bundle of energy, it was time for the next.

Their second and last child would be a little girl, Juliette. While a little less anxious to stir up trouble than her older brother, she had some eccentricities of her own. She took easily to the stage. Her mother, being a dance instructor in ballet and jazz, wanted for her daughter a life in the performing arts. It would soon become obvious she lacked the discipline and coordination for a career in dance, but instead she took up an interest in theatre.

Summers were spent at the grandparents' countryside farm where the young girl would often coerce her family into watching her extensive one person plays between chores. Acting was a far reaching dream for a small town girl, but she was determined to make a path for herself. Wanting to keep her parents happy at the same time, she enrolled at University of London, intending to work on her degree and find for the chance to make acting her reality.

The opportunity finally came when one day a theatre professor told her about open casting call being held for the role of Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter film series. She decided to make a bargain with herself. If she landed this role, she would allow herself to pursue acting full time. Her prayers were answered when out of over 7,000 girls she was selected. Being halfway through her degree, she was at a crossroads. The blonde decided to give her dreams priority, taking time off from university to film Half Blood Prince.

Harry Potter was a whirlwind of a way to get her start, being thrust into a series which already carried an unprecedented following. From there, things kept rolling like a boulder going after Indiana Jones. Not wanting to let herself dwindle in unemployment once her time as Lavender was done, she made auditions an everyday occurance alongside with continuing her degree work part time. It seemed to work, as by the time the credits were roling on Deathly Hallows Part 2 she already had other work lined up.

Recurring roles on television in combination with supporting on film kept her doing what she loved and just taking things as they came. At the same time, she took the opportunity to further explore another interest she'd been dabbling in for some time. She'd always loved to sing and often anyone she knew would be victim to her spontaneous serenading, but it took collaboration with a friend from university to make it something real. They called themselves Delicate Destruction and developed a zany style that made small waves on the internet- where they released all of their songs directly to fans. After much experimentation and work, they finally were able to release a full length, polished album in 2014.

Since then, she's simply been riding the small waves of success as they come. She's been selective about her roles, feeling fortunate that she has this luxury. The coming year moves Juliette forward into more leading roles and she can't wait for the new challenge.